Free Telemedicine Servie

Free services to help Covid-19 patients by expanding the hotline number, Providing oxygens Masks & cylinder to those in need

Ask Foundation

ASK foundation has its full support for educational activities of the Snow Yak foundation in remote areas of Dolpa. In 2016, we provided financial support to Mr Binod Shahi and his team

How we are helping

Our initiative during COVID-19

Our dedicated team is providing telemedicine service along with essential medical supplies

Free Telemedicine

We are providing Free Telemedicine to Covid-19 patients all over Nepal


We are collecting & providing funds to those who are in need

What We Do

ASK foundation is a Not-for-profit organization with the major objective to help support the underprivileged population residing in various parts of Nepal by providing telemedicine.




Deaster Relief

COVID crisis in NepalL

Your small giving could help save lives and provide healthcare services