Our Story

ASK foundation (hereby referred as ASK) is a Not-for-profit organization with the major objective to help support the underprivileged population residing in various parts of Nepal. ASK is a heterogeneous group of educated people from various aspects of life who are highly dedicated and interested in helping the people of Nepal in various fields. ASK is not affiliated to any political party and has been established by a common interest of its members to do humanitarian acts for the most needy people of Nepal. ASK foundation has already been registered in Nepal as a not-for-profit organization.



Members of ASK first came together as a team when Nepal was struck by 2 major earthquakes in April and May 2015. We were voluntarily involved in separate teams for activities of disaster relief, medical supply, fund-raising, etc. Some of us were already involved in various social service activities prior to that. Though residing in different parts of the world, our young team maintained online chat forums to provide acute help to the needy and obtain necessary logistics. In the process of helping the Nepalese people in such manner, we came to realize that Nepal not only suffered from the natural disaster of earthquake but lacked the basic infrastructure for growth and development in the rural communities. The online chat forums continued with innovative ideas even several months after the earthquake. Over time, we decided to put in our knowledge and efforts together and continue to help these underprivileged people of Nepal in a more organized and systematic way. Hence ASK was born with the motto to provide selfless service.


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US Office
4168 N 146th Plaza, Apt# 105
Omaha, NE 68116
Nepal Office
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