Disaster Relief, ASK Foundation

Team members of ASK foundation were actively involved with disaster relief immediately after earthquakes in April and May 2015. Members have been providing extended relief materials even months after the earthquake in affected areas. Disaster relief has also been provided to fire affected victims and victims of cold wave. Here are the details of some of the relief activities:

May 11, 2015 Nangle bhare
In collaboration with ANMF and Nebraska Nepalese Society, relief materials were distributed in Nangle bhare along with conducting health camp. (Post photos)

May 14, 2015 Bungmati, Lalitpur
Immediately after the second earthquake, team members inspected the area in Bungmati for worsening damage to the houses. After identifying the needs, zinc zheets (jasta pata) and logistics were distributed to the needy population in Bungmati (40 families – zinc sheets and mosquito nets) and nearby Thakuri gaun (40 families –mosquito nets and food materials; 18-20 families – zinc sheets). Local youth was actively involved in constructing temporary shelters from bamboo and Zinc sheets. Logistics mainly included basic food material and mosquito nets.
(please post photos as well)

May 25,2015 Thali
Team members visited a temporary local day-care run by local female and mothers’ group. The day-care was being run under a huge tent with plan for further expansion and more permanent solutions. This was a huge emotional support for the kids who could play with friends and continue to learn when schools were closed for an unknown duration during earthquake. This also helped remove the fear of disaster from their minds and build friendship and hope. We provided juice to the kids in the hot summer month and also donated funds to the mothers’ group to help run the local day care for the next month.

Jan 2, 2016 – Okhreni, Sindhupalchok
More than 200 blankets distributed to 70 houses from Okhreni, 31 houses of Mulekharka, 6 houses of Katike (total 107 houses). (see photos)

Jan 16, 2016 – Chimti Bhotang, Sindhupalchok
With the help from generous members of Team Karma (Baroon Rai, Ganesh Chaudhary, Bhupesh Khadka, Dinesh Subedi) we were able to provide jackets, socks and caps to 350 primary and preprimary students along with blanket distribution to 80 houses (2 each) for the needy and earthquake affected people in the remote place of Chimti Bhotang. People came all the way from Barwa (no road access) to get the warm supplies. (see photos)

Jan 23, 2016 – Sano Okhreni, Sindhupalchok
Four hundred blankets distributed for 200 houses including jackets, socks and caps for 115 school students in Mathillo Okhreni, which was severely affected by earthquake.
(see photos)

Feb 12, 2016 Bade Gaon –ward no. 3,Bitlab, Sindhupalchok
Thirty six houses benefited from Zinc sheet distribution (36 bundles) and 52 houses benefitted from supplies for providing water supply (water pump, 200 meter pipe, two 1000 Liter tanks). A five member team was also established by the locals for management of distribution of zinc sheets and management of drinking water distribution.