April 30, 2016 – Specialist Health Camp At Nalang VDC-5, Dhading, Nepal

ASK Foundation conducted specialist (Dermatology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics) Health Camp at Nalang Model Academy, Nalang VDC, Dhading in collaboration with our local partner Mr. Shanakar Silwal. Consultant services were provided by Pediatrician Dr Bimal Karn, Dermatologist Dr Rupak Ghimire, Internal Medicine Dr Anil Kumar and Dr Sait Pradhan, Cardiologist Dr Rashmi Thapa. Pharmacy was managed by Shweta Pradhan and Sudip Bhandari. Patients also benefitted from ECG services and blood glucose monitoring with glucometer. Free medications were provided to a maximum number of patients. Total of 275 patients from different wards of Nalang VDC benefitted from our service. Excellent local participation was observed with mobilization of local students under the direction of Mr Shankar Silwal. A small survey related to public health and effects of earthquake on health and socioeconomic status was also conducted with the help of the students at Nalang Model Academy.nepal